Process Call Results

Call results are inserted into the Contact List Sheet.

The results are fetched from a Turbo Phonebank API. By default, Google Sheets will update the results every hour. If you would like to force it to refresh the results, you can delete the cell that contains the text "Caller First Name" and then undo the change.

Result Columns

Call results are added to the right of the contact details.

  • The first three result columns contain the first name, last name, and email address of the caller.
  • The fourth and fifth result columns contain the timestamps for when the caller loaded the contact (which indicates roughly when they started the call) and when the results were saved (which is around when they finished the call).
  • The rest of the columns contain the script responses.
      The header value is the "Question Title" from the Script.
      The cells below contain the result. If the response was a button, the cell contains the "Response Value". If the response was a free-form text input, the cell contains the text entered by the caller.