Turbo Phonebank

A phonebank platform you & your volunteers will love.

Turbo Phonebank turns any Google Sheet into a phonebank with 2-tap calling, integrated text messaging, and a caller-friendly interface (for free).


2-Tap Calling

No need to type phone numbers by hand. Callers can load the interactive script on their phones's web browsers and tap to call each contact.

Integrated Text Messaging

Send follow-up messages to contacts who don't answer or need more information. Customize your message templates and Turbo Phonebank fills in the contact's name and any other details.

Multilingual Phonebanks

Engage supporters and voters in any language. Call scripts and buttons support non-English characters (and emojis!).

Google Voice

Callers can call from their own phones or from Google Voice. When using the latter, clicking to call opens Google Voice with the contact's number filled in.

Fully Customizable

Don't settle for predetermined call result options that confuse volunteers. Customize script buttons so they're clear to callers without training (for example, write "Moved out of state" instead of just "Moved").

Google Sheet Integration

Create phonebanks from any list of volunteers, supporters, or voters. Call results are automatically written to the same Google Sheet.

Distributed Organizing

Empower volunteers to create their own personal or group phonebanks. Share call scripts simply by copying a Google Sheet.

Quick Start

Create your own phonebank in <2 minutes:

  1. Copy the template Google Sheet
  2. Turn your spreadsheet into a live phonebank here
  3. Start "calling" :)

Take a look at the Documentation for more details on configuring phonebanks.


All of Turbo Phonebank's current features are and will remain free.

Additional paid features may be added in the future.


Data security is a top priority for me. Turbo Phonebank collects and stores the minimum information necessary and deletes contact details as soon as phonebanks end. For more details, see the Privacy Policy.

All data is held with the database provider Supabase using PostgreSQL's Row Security Policies to provide access only to authorized users.

Get In Touch!

Join the community on Slack or send me an email at evan@turbovpb.com if you have questions or ideas!