Privacy Policy

Turbo Phonebank collects and stores the following types of data in order to provide the service:

User Data

When you use Turbo Phonebank, the service collects the following details from you:

  • Name
  • Email Address

In addition, the service may keep track of login times, session durations, phonebanks participated in or created, number of calls placed, and other direct usage data.

Contact Data

The data of people you contact through Turbo Phonebank is temporarily stored in order to provide the service. We aim to delete the contact details shortly after phonebanks expire, but we cannot guarantee that this data will be deleted within a specific time period.

Google Sheets Access

Turbo Phonebank uses Google Sheets to load phonebank details. It accesses only the sheets you select using the Google Drive Picker and does not maintain persistent access to the sheets.

As mentioned above, the contact details from the spreadsheets are stored temporarily in order to provide the service.

Third Party Services


We use Sentry for error reporting. In case you encounter an error while using Turbo Phonebank, details about your browsing session are sent to Sentry to help us diagnose and fix the issue.


All user and contact data is stored with the database provider Supabase.

Data Sales

We do not sell data to any third parties and only collect the details listed above to provide and improve the service.

Policy Changes

This policy may be updated or modified at any time. We will make an effort to notify you of any major changes but cannot guarantee it.