Create Your Turbo Phonebank

Submit Your Google Sheet

  1. Go to Create Phonebank to submit your Google Sheet.
  2. Sign in with your Google account to give Turbo Phonebank access to your sheet (Turbo Phonebank will only get access to the specific sheet(s) you share.)
  3. Share the phonebank link it creates with your phonebankers.

Updating Your Phonebank

To update a phonebank's contact list or script, simply submit the same Google Sheet on the Create Phonebank page.

The phonebank details will be updated but the phonebank link will remain the same. Note that this works even while callers are making calls.

Phonebank Duration

Turbo Phonebanks are available for 1 week from the date they are created.

To extend the duration of a phonebank, simply resubmit the same Google Sheet as described above.

Next, take a look at Train Your Callers for some tips on training with Turbo Phonebank.