Training Callers

Hopefully, your callers will find Turbo Phonebank straightfoward (and a pleasure) to use!

If anything about the caller experience is confusing or you find yourself explaining it a lot, please let me know! A goal of this platform is to minimize the amount of training needed.

Training Mode

Every Turbo Phonebank can be used in Training Mode to allow callers to practice on your script before they start calling real people.

Simply add /training to the end of any phonebank URL to go to the training mode version.

Test Contacts

To customize the fake contacts that will be used in Training Mode, add another tab / sheet to your Google Sheet called "Test Contacts".

The column headers of this sheet should match those of your "Contacts" sheet.

There is a limit of 5 test contacts per phonebank.

Editing Call Results

If your callers send text messages or leave voicemails, contacts may call or text them back after they save the call result.

Callers can modify the call results (for phonebanks that are still active) on their profile page. They can search for contacts by name or phone number and click the Edit Call Results button. This will overwrite the call results they saved initially and send them back to the interactive script to update the responses.

Next, take a look at Process the Results to see how Turbo Phonebank saves the call results.