Other Phonebank Settings

Phonebank Title

The title of the Google Sheet will be used as the phonebank title.

Contact Panel / Sidebar

The sidebar displays the contact's details next to the script.

This setting is optional. If it is not configured in the Settings sheet, the contact's name and phone number will be displayed.

The sidebar settings are a single column underneath a cell in the first row with the text "Sidebar".

  • Any value from the Contacts sheet can be subtituted using curly braces (for example, "{{First Name}} {{Last Name}}").
  • Font styles used in each cell are applied to that text in the sidebar. This includes font size, font weight (bold / not bold), and text color.
  • If a phone number is included, it are applied as the call link target of the whole sidebar. This means that the caller can click anywhere in the sidebar box to place a call.
  • Empty rows are treated as additional empty space between the parts of the sidebar.

You can get creative with what you include in the sidebar! For example, you could include encouraging messages for the callers below the contact details.

Next, Create a Turbo Phonebank from the Google Sheet you just setup.